Volunteers / Supporters / Donors

Come Join Us!

Mesilla Valley Community of Hope is just that, ‘a community‘.  Our staff consists of volunteers without which, we would never be able to function as well as we do.  They work at the front desk, the shower registration table, help with lockers and laundry.  Volunteers help clean, repair, and set up the resource room and its library.  Volunteers are truly needed and appreciated!  If you would like to volunteer just call or come by and let us know.

Community of Hope also has ‘Supporters’ which refers to persons and groups that support the Community of Hope and Camp Hope bringing food, entertainment, and talents like gardening and building.  The Las Cruces community has an enormous giving heart and it is so very moving to see how the churches, groups and organizations have responded to the needs of the homeless.  If your group desires to donate time to a great cause, this is certainly a wonderful opportunity.  Call us with your ideas, wishes, and your talents.

Donors to MVCH and Camp Hope are of ever-increasing importance to the success of ending homelessness.  With the rapid decrease of government funding for services provided for our clients, we depend on the generosity of the community to provide their basic needs.  From hygiene supplies, clothing, and household items, donations make the transition from homelessness easier.  Many prefer to give cash/checks or by credit card and that is always welcome.  There are some who give for specific programs such as paying for a month of Porta-Potty use at Camp Hope or donating a vehicle for the case managers to use for home visits or transporting clients.  All donations are freely given to the clients who need them and all financial giving is used to provide services to the clients.  Checks can be made out to Mesilla Valley Community of Hope and our website: www.mvcommunityofhope.org has links that allow you to use your credit card to make either a donation or a series of donations.  Thank you in advance for this critical element of our success in ending homelessness.